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Oscar Mike

Jan 30, 2020

Chopper Test Kitchen makes his inaugural appearance on Oscar Mike. Where did he go recently to get a 3-Star Michelin meal...and what the hell does that even mean?

Jan 23, 2020

2G is joined by childhood friend, Gunnery Sergeant Derwin on this episode. Learn what the travels are like for a Marine Corps Recruiter and how 2G convinced him to join the Marines.

Jan 20, 2020

2G and Rookie recap their 5 night stay in Las Vegas with The Great Zucchini. From splitting an Uber with a lady of the night to watching hockey in the desert, these trips never disappoint.

Jan 9, 2020

2G is joined by Rookie again as they discuss the trips they have taken throughout New England over the last 20 years from a 7th grade trip to Boston to Summer 2019 in Maine with their families. 

Jan 2, 2020

Did Greg (Mais) start 2020 by getting kicked out of a bar for excessive public display of affection? Is there already a Chopper Test Kitchen restaurant in Troy, NY? All this and more as 2G sets his sights on how to get Oscar Mike in 2020!